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The video is AMAZING!! I’m so excited and proud to be sharing it with our partners. You did a great job. I’m crying this morning because I’m so moved and inspired by it. Thank you for your hard work and meeting our tight timeline, I can’t wait to get it out in the world.

Jayme Powers

The Special Olympics USA Games

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We developed a free web tool to help nonprofits identify who their ideal donor is, and what they should focus their marketing and communications energy and resources on. Try it!



Happy Client

Corinne has done incredible work for us! She has laid the analytics groundwork for our digital program at Food Lifeline, and we couldn’t be happier. She is professional, skilled, and how about this, she listens.

Hire her, and get on with what you do.

Mark Coleman

Food Lifeline

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Our work amplifies your mission, not some product.



When trying to increase online donations, knowing where to start is a challenge. Should you focus on your website? A social media strategy? Online ads? Advocates? Stewarding donors through online engagement? With so many levers you could pull on, which will be the most impactful? We provide a Marketing Assessment, which is a systematic method of information gathering and analysis for the organization.  Learn more.



How can your organization attract the right donors online and engage them to donate? We design custom digital marketing strategies that solve digital marketing headaches and provide clear direction on how to use online advertising, your website, social media, and digital communications effectively. But, what good is a plan if you don’t implement it? We use our technical chops to see the strategy through. View case studies.




Online and off, content is the key to telling your organization’s story. Content is the meat behind any digital strategy or campaign, and can also be used in in-person fundraising meetings. We can help achieve development and engagement goals by creating compelling online content including, email campaigns, fundraising or mission-driven videos, and social media content.  View case studies 




DIYer? No problem, download our free resources. Enjoy an informative guide that does a deep dive on a digital marketing subject specifically with charitable or civic organizations in mind, or enjoy a quick informative video, or use or free ‘Reach My Donor’ tool. Learn more.

What We Do Best

Donor Swell helps charitable organizations attract new online donors and re-engage current donors and volunteers. We provide strategy, content and campaigns exclusively to mission driven organizations. Why? Because your work is making a difference, and people should know about it.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy (Digital Audit, Online Content Strategy, Social Media, Advertising, Email Marketing) 95%
  • Campaign & Content Creation (Website Development, Video Creation, Email Campaigns) 85%
  • Technology Automation (Analytics, Drip Campaigns, Workflow and Process Improvement) 90%
  • Customer Happiness 95%
  • Marketing Education (Webinars and Videos) 90%

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Corinne Cavanaugh our founder is a digital marketing strategist, a member of Rotary, a polio eradication and malaria elimination advocate, and her heart is in making the world a better place. Corinne started this company to help your organization do the good you do.
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