Our work amplifies your mission, not some product.


When trying to increase online donations, knowing where to start is a challenge, we can help you determine where your areas of improvement are and work with your communications and IT department to amplify digital fundraising. View case studies.


Ready to take your fundraising online, but not sure how? Broaden your communication skills into the digital marketing arena. Learn how to get found when people search for an organization to donate to, adapt your website to be donor friendly, attract key groups of donors and more. View upcoming webinars.



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DIYer? No problem, download our free resources. Enjoy an informative guide that does a deep dive on a digital marketing subject specifically with charitable or civic organizations in mind, or enjoy a quick informative video. Learn more.

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Donor Swell helps charitable organizations attract new online donors and re-engage current donors and volunteers. We provide strategy, content and campaigns exclusively to mission driven organizations. Why? Because your work is making a difference, and people should know about it.

  • Internet Marketing (Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing) 95%
  • Marketing Education (Webinars, Videos, Certification) 90%
  • Online Fundraising (Storytelling, advocacy, audience segmentation) 85%
  • Customer Happiness 95%

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About Us

Corinne Cavanaugh our founder is a digital marketing strategist, a member of Rotary, a polio eradication and malaria elimination advocate, and her heart is in making the world a better place. Corinne started this company to help your organization do the good you do.
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Tips for Your Nonprofit Disaster Relief Strategy

Besides the second presidential debate, the event that marked the end of this past week and weekend was the hurricane Matthew. While passing through the Caribbean, Matthew killed hundreds of people and posed a serious danger to several states.  Now that the hour is...

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Should Your Nonprofit Outsource Some Functions?

What do you think of when you hear the word, “outsourcing?” It’s a politically charged, and possibly emotionally charged word. People get defensive, passion get stirred and resistance occurs. It’s a word you’ve been hearing a lot during this election cycle, too. It’s...

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